LASCOT 2019 – 1st day

This is my opinion about the sessions that I had the opportunity to participate in.

My first time at LASCOT – Lean Agile Scotland! πŸ˜€
The last few weeks have gone by. In other words, the conference was around the corner and I didn’t realize.

LASCOT conference provides three days of inspiring keynotes, workshops, tutorials and case studies since 2011. The organization was excellent. There was a lot of food, very diverse and well cooked.

A lot of friends talked about the conference, with unusual topics but with huge names from the agile community. I didn’t find any session 🚀, maybe because my expectations were so high. I had the opportunity to meet many people in different contexts and experiences. It contributed a lot to my personal growth!

The following sessions were the ones I choose to assist mainly because of the description.

Questions are powerful – use them effectively by Tony Bruce

This was the first session in LASCOT, the expectations were VERY VERY high!! Tony is a great speaker, very informal and with great humor. He was a little nervous because the workshop was prepared for 2 days, not for 90m. πŸ™

My two take ways of it were:

  1. Questioning is the key to learning.
  2. And, questioning is like a sport, it requires practice.
Presentation slide in "Questions are powerful" workshop by Tony Bruce
Presentation slide in “Questions are powerful” workshop by Tony Bruce

If you have the opportunity to participate in one of his workshops, please do it!! For sure, I will try to participate in one full workshop.


talk description:

Continuous delivery: a product manager’s perspective by Neha Datt & Marcel Britsch

I choose this talk because I’m a more technical agile coach. What I wanted to say with this? That I work with product teams but fewer times than with engineering teams, so I’m a more technical agile coach. Understand the perspective of product managers regarding continuous delivery it seemed very interesting.

My main take away was: with a common goal is possible to connect all the company.

Neha and Marcel presented a case study about connecting other areas of the business with the continuous delivery pipeline. For example, imagine the Finance area identifying the cost of a new feature released today. They transformed their flow into a product and applied product management tools to evolve the product.

The tools identified by Neha and Marcel were quite simple and very common in product management:

talk description:

The power of habits by Amir Peled

The topic is amazing! Even after lunch, the room was full showing that everyone is aware of the impact and the difficulty that is to create a new habit.

The speaker, Amir Peled, is a certified coach with experience in many business areas. I won’t spoiler it! The workshop was prepared with many details. The drawings were great and the instructions to the exercises were also very well written. Congrats on it! πŸ˜‰

The workshop had a focus on collaboration and sharing experiences. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a connection between the exercises and the topic. I didn’t learn much from the workshop.

talk description:

Please share your feedback with me, I’m starting this new adventure of blog posting, only with your feedback I can improve! πŸ˜‰

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